What is happening?

First Class of Naples hired an approximate 150 Framers and Drywall Finishers to work on the JW Marriott Luxury hotel in downtown Nashville. On May 29th, 2018, after several days of delayed payment, workers showed up to work to demand their wages and were told that “there was no money left to pay them”. As they gathered to demand answers from First Class Interiors of Naples, MR Drywall, LLC and SKANSKA, they were threatened and run off the job with no resolution.

Who is involved?

General Contractor: SKANSKA
Drywall Contractor: MR Drywall, LLC
Drywall Subcontractor: First Class Interiors of Naples

About 94 workers are currently engaged in a collective suit against First Class Interiors of Naples and MR Drywall, LLC and have been pursuing Skanska for assistance in resolving this issue to no avail. In support, 14 Nashville council members sent a letter to Skanska urging them to recognize their accountability as the general contractor for the construction. They stated that “this is a systemic issue that we as a city need to tackle, but we all have our individual part to play… We strongly urge your company to resolve this and prevent it from happening on your job sites.” Rather than recognizing their managing role in the matter, they filed a countersuit against the workers on December 28th, disregarding and attacking workers who experience wage theft under their subcontractors.

What is the goal?

  • Negotiate a settlement for work completed at the JW Marriott
  • Implementation of high road standards at Skanska’s Nashville-area worksites to avoid future incidents of wage theft and unsafe conditions
  • Drop the counter lawsuit that was filed against the workers.

How can you support?

Leave a negative review of JW Marriott Nashville and Skanskaand let them know you don’t approve of building luxury at the expense of unpaid and unsafe labor. Suggested text is not required but can be found here.

Help with our social media campaign by bringing attention to these issue with infographics and memes, which you can download or screenshot here

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