SURJ Nashville encourages members to pay dues yearly as they are able on a sliding scale of $0-$100. To us, sliding scale means that each member considers what, if any, disposable income they have and chooses a yearly amount between 0 and 100 dollars that makes sense for them. A member can pay their dues in a lump sum, set up a small monthly donation to SURJ Nashville, or use any other payment schedule that works for them. We accept cash, checks, or money sent to our PayPal.

If you are interested in making a donation to SURJ Nashville rather than a dues payment, please donate directly to local POC-led groups, like our accountability partners, instead.

At minimum, we will donate 50% of all dues collected directly to our accountability partners in the form of monthly donations to these organizations. We will use part of the remaining dues to cover “overhead” costs of SURJ Nashville, like paying for space to hold meetings, trainings, text blasts, etc. The rest of the dues will be used to support POC-led organizing as money/supplies are needed.

SURJ Nashville banks with Citizens Bank, a local black-owned bank.