Say NO to License Plate Readers in Nashville (Again!)

Metro Council voted overwhelmingly in 2017 to prevent the use of fixed License Plate Readers across Nashville. Since then, the MNPD budget has increased year over year, despite unprecedented calls to reallocate money to education, housing, and alternatives to punitive policing. Now, FOP-backed council members are attempting to use a thin promise of increased safety to overturn the ban on fixed license plate readers and expand their use with BL2020-582. In addition, they have solicited private funds through a non-profit, SaferNashville to pay for this surveillance technology. Council members Robert Nash and Courtney Johnston sit on the Board of SaferNashville, as does District Attorney General Glen Funk, Assistant District Attorney Jenny Charles, and Retired Former Mayor of Belle Meade Grey Thornburg.

Please reach out to Metro Council Public Works and Public Safety committee members — tell them to VOTE NO ON BL2020-582!

Committee members will be discussing this bill at a special meeting on Tuesday, April 13th at 4:30 pm. Please tune in! 

Click the button below for a sample email and committee member contact information.


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